Welcome To ThunderOx Software

We create music and games software, primarily for the Linux platform (possibly Android in the future). The idea to write my first audio plugin came not long after I made the switch from Windows XP to Linux full time and planned to make music almost exclusively with only open source tools. The first synthesizer programme I came across was the excellent ZynAddSubFX which was not at the time available in plugin form and eventually I came to realise there wasn't really a general purpose synth I could use within my favourite sequencer software (Close tie between Qtractor and Ardour). My plan was shelved for a long time because I'm a lazy whatsit and learning how to program well enough to achieve it was hard work, but eventually I began work on it again in 2010 and after many nights of insomnia and strange noises emanating from my room Triceratops was born.

Our adventures in making games has been an even more erratic process and nothing has ever really been finished, all that's happened so far is old style retro games that play from a browser with some nice graphics. I want to change this because it'd be good to get some games on Google play or that flash / HTML5 game site I always forget the name of. Such unseen classics as Rival Nuns, Chuggy Pig (the adventures of a woodlouse) need to be finished and released into the wild.

The first of many..interesting(?) trailers for ThunderOx...