Triceratops is an analogue style polyphonic subtractive synthesizer plugin, for use with the LV2 plug architecture, at this time there is no standalone version. An up to date version of the LV2 library is required along with a suitable host (e.g. Qtractor, Jalv, Ardour), I highly recommend either the KXstudio distro or the KXstudio ubuntu repositories! The intention is for this synth to be part of a suite including a drum machine (Stegosaurus) and a wavetable synth (Dracorex), watch this space.
Showing off the synth's formant filter, this can be used to produce speech like sounds.

In harmony with an Arturia Microbrute hardware synth and pretending to be Wendy Carlos The sequencer is Rui Nuno Capela's excellent Qtractor