We create music and games software, primarily for the Linux platform (Android in the future). The idea to write my first audio plugin came not long after I made the switch from Windows XP to Linux full time and planned to make music almost exclusively with only open source tools.

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A new Stephen King film - Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is a sequel to The Shining. The film stars Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance, Jack Torrance’s trike-riding, redrum-intoning son. Now he's grown up and being haunted by demons from his past, while also experiencing new occurrences of the shining, the strange psychic power that allows him to communicate telepathically and arguably even see into the past and future, giving him premonitions of horrors to come and brushes with strange beings who traverse time.


Tyson Fury Is Still An Annoying Homophobic Twunt

Yes, as we know he did apologise but that was almost certainly to protect his career. We wont even mention the sexism.



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Triceratops LV2

Stegosaurus LV2

Piggy LV2



Rival Nuns

What About Living?


Tory Invaders


Delirium Decrypted

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